Fake LSD

Warning about fake LSD

Current batches of LSD tabs might contain dangerous new chemicals called NBOMes. These chemicals provide strong visual effects like LSD, though unlike LSD they can lead to fatal overdose. NBOMe drugs come on slower, so the drug might feel like it is not working. Topping up could lead to a fatal overdose.

Signs of NBOMe overdose include: swelling and bluing of the skin. Individuals who experience such reactions should seek immediate medical support! Call an ambulance right away.

If you are still determined to use, but not 100% sure about the LSD you have bought:

  • Use one of the cheap and legally available Ehrlich drug test kits, or if that is not available to you:
  • Only take a 1/4 dose and wait 1.5 hours before considering taking any more
  • If you suspect that you have taken NBOMe stay hydrated and cool
  • Don’t take multiple tabs unless you are 100% sure that you are taking LSD



Remember, taking drugs can never be really safe, although there are ways that you can reduce your risk of harm. Given the rapid availability of new drugs such as NBOMe, whose effects are not well known, it is now more important than ever to be careful. Avoid taking lots of an unknown drug before you know how long it takes you to come up, peak and start coming down. When trying a new tab, pill or powder:

  • Never be the first person in your group to use
  • Always start off small:
    – Your first dose should only be a ¼ dose (or a quarter of a pill)
    – Wait for at least 90-120 minutes before re-dosing.
  • Only use one drug at a time
  • Never use alone – always use with someone who can provide support if needed
  • Use in a safe and familiar place
  • Don’t drive, swim, play with knifes or engage in other risky activities while under the influence of a drug
  • Make sure you’re in the right head space
  • Plan ahead so that you have some downtime to recover

For further information on partying safely, see:


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