Oxycontin – “Risks and Hazards”

As information started to come through that a reformulated version of OxyContin® (OP OxyContin®)would replace OC OxyContin® in Australia from April 1, 2014, many people began disseminating information and resources on the Anex hosted online NSP Forum. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this valuable information sharing forum.

Like many of you, Anex was concerned about what harms may be associated for those who use, particularly those who inject, the new formulation OP OxyContin®. Because of this concern, the reformulation of OxyContin® was the main item of discussion at the Pharmacotherapy Network meeting hosted by Anex on 2 April. A big thanks to all who attended and participated in this conversation.

In response to the concerns and ideas raised in the Pharmacotherapy Network meeting, Anex has produced a range of awareness raising resources for workers and clients who use NSPs. These have been developed to get key messages to those people who are at risk as a result of the reformulation of OxyContin®.

You can download the resource below.  You can print in colour on A3 size for a high impact, visual poster to display at your NSP. You can also print an A4 resource that can be folded and handed out with injecting equipment, or popped in the pamphlet area.

These resources will support you in starting harm reduction conversations with clients. They will help to get key messages about the reformulation of OxyContin® out to injecting drug user networks.

This suite of resources includes a resource for workers — Risks and Hazards with OxyContin®. This has been created to assist workers to have a conversation with clients about reducing the risks associated with their drug use. Thanks to Dr Malcolm Dobbin and Peter Muhleisen for the development of the information.

If you would like to join the NSP Forum please register here.

If you would like attend the NSP, Pharmacotherapy or Injecting Drug Issues Network meetings contact Anex on Phone: +61 3 9650 0699 or email info@anex.org.au

A3 Oxycontin poster for services – NSW

A3 Oxycontin poster for services – VIC

OxyContin – Risks & Hazards – a resource for workers – v2.0-2014

Oxycontin information for clients A4 -Vic

Oxycontin information for clients A4 – NSW