What we do

Anex is a program of Penington Institute that undertakes a wide range of activities designed to improve the capability of the harm reduction and prevention workforce in Australia.

Key to Anex’s work is workforce development. We also advocate for the inclusion of health promotion principles in relevant policy, legislation, and in education and community development.

We offer a training program to people who work directly with drug users, and host forums to promote health and harm reduction awareness.

We draw on the experience of people who use drugs, front-line workers, health experts and the skills of professional policymakers. Ongoing concerns are: equal access to programs; allocation of resources and advocacy for adequate funding; and support and recognition of the sector dedicated to reducing drug related harm.

Prior to the launch of Penington Institute, Anex hosted the annual Anex Australian Drugs Conference, a valuable forum for knowledge sharing, capacity building and networking for the public health, research and harm reduction sectors. Penington Institute will continue to host the Australian Drugs Conference into the future.

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