Ice – crystal methamphetamine training programs

A surge in the popularity of crystal methamphetamine, or ice, has resulted in widespread anxiety across communities, with many services in metropolitan and regional Australia feeling poorly equipped to respond.

Fears about its effects have been inflamed by sensational headlines but methamphetamine, in the form of ice, tends to be of higher purity than the speed of the eighties and nineties. Ice is more potent and therefore has greater potential for harming users, families and the community.

Health services, police, emergency services, the courts and broader community groups are calling for holistic community solutions.

The Anex team has been delivering ice training to organisations across Australia. As the demand for services has increased it has become clear that this training must leave a legacy and empower those in the front line to feel confident in dealing with these issues. From this a series of training course have been developed to build this knowledge and allow for that knowledge to be shared.

  • Ice – Methamphetamine introduction
  • Ice – Methamphetamine tailored programs
  • Ice – Train-the-trainer
  • Ice – Professional forum
  • Ice – Community forum

We can tailor programs to meet the needs of your organisation, building in unique scenarios, discussion topics and identifying resources and solutions.

For more information on ice training, please contact Michael Edwards (03) 9650 0699 or email